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Channel House

Hybrid Residential/Commercial – ACT Government


A double storey channel carves the urban block from the main street to the rear lane. A commercial space fronts the sidewalk. Steps at each end rise to the residence level, attaining privacy through elevation. Higher still, bedrooms are suspended at each end, defining an interior courtyard. Sliding glass screens open seamlessly to the inner void, spanned by a glass atrium to moderate the climate. The articulation of mass creates interstitial spaces that refract natural light in any orientation. The sub-floor houses utility spaces – a home theatre, garage, storage and greywater. The Channel House is a contemporary typology for medium density, mixed-use, inner city form.

Credits: Simon Kringas (Design), Tanya Anthony (Assistant)

Images: Arthur Valente, Simon Kringas

© K R I N G A S A R C H I T E C T U R E
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