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Federation Place

Urban Design / Civic Architecture, Australia – National Competition Winner, ACT Government


An architectural intervention to the heart of Canberra City, generating a dynamic civic space that re-stitches a vital urban fabric divided by arterial traffic. The avenue of trees gives way to a glass atrium hovering above a public square, providing cover for exhibitions, concerts and markets. A museum and café are suspended within the volume. The long span, column-free structure transgresses the urban grid, creating a pedestrian way to the city's central urban park. Below the plaza, underground car parking anticipates future transformation to become a vehicular tunnel and commuter station. The neighbouring historic buildings are reactivated by internal upper level courtyards. The design won the ACT government's national competition for the 'Centenary of Federation'.


"Since 2000, the ACT government has been talking about how to densify and improve Civic. How to make it a desirable place to work, to live and then to party. It needs people. Lots of them. And people there 24/7… The winning design by Kringas Architects of a competition in 2002 brings life into civic – a daring glass box inserted into the space between the London and Melbourne buildings with cafes, bars and life is exactly the kind of bold initiative needed”– Sue Holliday, NSW Director General of Planning, Walter Burley Griffin Memorial Lecture, 2011.

Credits: Simon Kringas (Design)

Images: Simon Kringas

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