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Jenkins Farmhouse

Rural Residential, Australia – Australian Institute of Architects Canberra Medallion


A vernacular response to rural life in a semi-arid climate. An articulated masonry spine extends east-west across the landscape forming the backbone of the scheme – conceptually, structurally and climatically. It houses service areas and buttresses fine steel-frames that project north over the living spaces. The blade roof gathers precious rainwater, cantilevering to its structural limit to precisely control solar gain, providing broad shade in summer, while inviting winter sun deep into the interior. Vertical slots punctuate the composition to induce cross flow ventilation. The Jenkins Farmhouse received the Australian Institute of Architects 'Canberra Medallion', awarded to architecture of an 'exemplary standard'.


"However intellectually controlled the design, the experience in it is emotionally exhilarating. A guest bedroom becomes a campsite from which to watch the stars at night. A study becomes the station office from which the grazier surveys the rush paddocks below. The master bedroom is filled with the song of birds at dawn. From the family gathering area one looks out on the changing light and colours of the full horizon...The experience it generates is quite liberating...In doing so, it begins to demonstrate a special capacity important to becoming architecture: to enlighten the perspectives from which we view the world" – Architecture Review.

Credits: Simon Kringas (Design)

Images: Simon Kringas, Paul Cavka, Ben Wrigley, Rob Tindal

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