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We undertake select projects in any location. We deliver professional design, documentation and project management for individual, corporate and government clients on single residences, multi-residential, commercial, public, urban and landscape architecture projects. We coordinate, collaborate and direct sub consultant teams across engineering, environmental, artistic and other specialist disciplines.



Architectural services progress through successive stages:



Brief and site analysis; preliminary investigations of development regulations and indicative construction costs; land survey and geotechnical testing as required.


Sketch Design

Design studies leading to a generative architectural concept presented in sketch drawings and scale models. Several options may be explored.


Design Development

Development and resolution of the sketch design according to technical and regulatory considerations and specialist consultant input, culminating in the submission of a development application to the relevant approval agency.


Construction Documentation

Drawings and specifications for construction, precisely documenting the structure, materials, finishes and fittings, forming a legal document for the construction contract.


Contract Administration

Selected builders tender competitively. We act as your agent and conduct regular inspections, give instructions, identify defects and variations, and certify construction progress and completion.

Design & Construct

Partnering with preferred builders, we offer design and construct services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. This can reduce the project time frame and deliver cost savings through documentation and administration efficiencies.


Urban & Landscape

Our expertise in urban design and landscape architecture realises leading edge theory and practice for public space, sustainability, landscape urbanism, mixed use and urban infill development. We also undertake master planning for town and regional development, subdivision and environmental resource management.

Project Management

We direct developments from inception to completion including fast track project delivery via trade packaged construction management. This expedites the dates for construction commencement and project completion and enables adaptive cost management.


A lump-sum fee will be determined by the project scope, complexity and cost of work. Total fees for full architectural services typically range between 5-20% of the cost of works. Hourly rates usually apply to atypical and reduced services. Fees for design and construct, master planning and other developments are tailored to each project.

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