We provide professional design, documentation and project direction for individual, corporate and government clients on single and multi-residential, commercial, public, urban design and landscape architecture projects. We collaborate, direct and coordinate sub consultant teams across structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineering disciplines, along with other design and technical specialists required for specific projects. We also offer design and construct services and expertise in certain areas of development and planning.


Architectural Services

Architectural services typically proceed through 4 stages:


1. Concept Design

Establishment of a design brief, site investigations, review of building regulations and design studies leading to a generative architectural concept that is presented by sketch drawings and scale models. Several options may be explored.


2. Detail Design

Design development and resolution according to regulatory and technical considerations, and the preparation of architectural and consultant documentation for a Development Application to the relevant government agency.


3. Construction Documentation

Drawings and specifications for construction, precisely dimensioning and detailing the physical form, materials, finishes, fittings and technology, often over hundreds of pages, and forming a legal document for the construction contract.


4. Construction Contract Administration

Selected builders tender competitively. The contract is typically a 'lump sum', however a 'construction managed' delivery of the various trades is sometimes used. We make regular inspections, give instructions, review progress claims, identify defects and certify satisfactory practical and final completion of the work.


Design and Construct

Via established relationships with preferred builders, Kringas Architecture offers design and construct services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. This can reduce the total project time frame, provide assurance in knowing the total project cost in advance, and can result in net cost savings through a reduction in the level of documentation and administration normally required by separate agencies.


Development and Planning

With experience in local and state regulatory frameworks for development and urban infrastructure, Kringas Architecture can provide design and strategic direction to land and civic planning projects, including masterplanning, subdivision, strata and community title developments, design and planning controls and spatial mapping.



A pre-agreed lump-sum fee is determined by the project brief and the cost of work. As a guide, fees for full architectural services typically range between 6-20% of the cost of works, depending on the project complexity and scale. The total fee is apportioned across the various stages: Concept Design 20%; Detail Design 20%; Construction Documentation 40%; and Construction Contract Administration 20%. Hourly rates are applied to small-scale projects, atypical and reduced services. For Design and Construct projects, a lump sum fee combines professional fees and construction costs to establish an all-in-one project cost. Discounted fees can be offered for innovative built projects.

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