Topological City

Dongguan, China


The Topological City is a concept for a three-dimensional city in China. To accommodate future populations, cities need to be dense, diverse and ecological. The Topological City proposes an alternative to the dominant high-rise construction morphology that is essentially a series of dead-end linear extrusions. In the Topological City, buildings rise, fold and reconnect with the terrestrial surface. Commercial, residential, civic and landscape programs intertwine. Nexuses in the vertical and horizontal spatial network generate lateral, vertical, parallel and cross-axial interrelationships that manifest three-dimensional meta-streets and meta-squares. A hybrid urban megastructure is thus connected and activated by circulation.

Credits: Simon Kringas (Design Director), Damian Roos, Tynan Freeman (Design Assistants).

Sponsors: Tsinghua University & HYHW, Beijing.

Photography: Cameron Price.

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