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Topological City

Urban Design, Dongguan, China – International Research with Tsinghua University


Topological City envisions a sustainable three-dimensional future city. To accommodate forecast populations, cities need to be dense, diverse and ecological. Topological City posits a conceptual alternative to the ubiquitous 'high-rise' – an autonomous extrusion that, replicated, manifests uniformity, disconnectivity and non viable habitat. In the Topological City, buildings rise, fold and reconnect with the terrestrial plane. Commercial, residential, public and environmental circuits intertwine to create complex, hybrid networks. Horizontal surfaces become landscapes. Parallel and cross axial nexuses generate urban nodes, forming three dimensional civic 'meta-squares'. The megastructure is connected and activated by circulation.

Credits: Simon Kringas (Director), Damian Roos, Tynan Freeman (Assistants)

Sponsor: Tsinghua University

Images: Cameron Price, Tynan Freeman, Simon Kringas


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